Contextual LEVEL6

Christophe Van De Walle and Isabelle Van Assche – Art Decay

“ArtDecay represents two passionate photographers Isabelle &
The passion of decay brought us together as couples, two years
later we are husband and wife With ArtDecay we want to show
you where the decay brought us
Exploring around the world that’s what we try to do every free
moment. Go to places other people neglected, wander around and
take pictures of the abandoned world”

i began my current line of investigation with my facination with abandoned places left to nature, the way that nature takes things back. Art Decay are two fine art photographers exploring abandoned places, which is something i would love to do if not for the risk of being arrested for tresspassing, so i have settled for photographing them from the ourside.

for me photographs of abandoned places create very unique feelings when you look at them, especially when nature has begun reocupying the space. although i found through seccond year that i dont particulary enjoy painting buildings, my cruurent work work with bones and plants aims to convey similar feelings.

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