Contextual LEVEL6

Beautiful Death Art Exhibitions

in october 2021 i went to the beautiful death art exhibition at leicester guildhall, which i found out about through another student in my year, and aa few of us went as a group.

we were not entirely sure what to expect, the event was more like a market rather than an exhibition, with stalls of traders selling various artworks, taxedermy, specimins etc.

dispite the work there being primarily comercial, the content and themes were very relavent to my work and gave me a lot to think about in terms of where to take my practice, such as begining to include insects and other specimins into my workss along side the bones i was already using.

i also likes that this event was all cruelty free, meaning all specemins die naturally or accidentally

after going to this event it made me begin thinking about doing these kind of events myself, i would like to apply to have a table here next year to sell prints and paintngs, although i am somewhat hesitant as this would mean having to get public liability insurance, invest in buying prints, business cards, display items to show work as well as potentially registering as a sole trader and, if it goes well, i might have to keep track of income and expenses to do tax returns.

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